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About This Project

inveitco started working on this project in 2016 and developed a solution called Ednius that takes collaborative approach of study by sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas within learning community. Key objective of this project is to create a community that will give you access to wider range of thought processes. Ednius is aiming to identify the approach each individual is taking to solve a problem rather than the actual solution.  Creation of clear understanding on the fundamental concepts will enhance the quality of learning and contribute to the development of future leaders.


What is Ednius?

Ednius is a cloud based education solution which offers better interaction between students and education providers, easy accessibility of study materials, knowledge sharing capabilities and easy tracking of study progress through better management of students’ educational records.


Ednius is committed to bring innovation in education industry and learn from you to grow faster.


Key Features

This is a module based application which has the flexibility to add new features without impacting existing functionalities. Some of the key features are highlighted below:

  • Student information management
  • Educational record management
  • Educational institute management
  • Online study materials and assessments
  • Online enrollment
  • Study collaboration
  • Tracking of study progress



  • Innovation: we offer Innovative and smart way of learning. Leading edge technology is used to enhance the learning process. Our R&D team is committed to forge a new path in education industry and help you accelerate your career.
  • Easy Accessibility: Can be accessed anytime from anywhere as long as internet access is available. Ednius is supported by all standard devices and major web browsers. We understand the importance of having right information available at the right time.
  • Efficient: Better management of student information brings efficiency in delivering educational services to the learning community. We offer you a tool that makes your job easier and helps to stay focused and gain success.
  • Flexible: Central location of your study profile and academic records will give you the freedom of learning.
  • Transparent Study Model: Greater transparency in entire educational journey to ensure you understand your weakness and identify the right resource that can help you to accelerate your learning.
  • Community Learning: Being part of largest learning community and share learnings with your peers help to grow knowledge. Our focus is not only helping you with a specific solution rather concentrate on building your problem solving skills.
  • Study Progress Tracking: Improve student retention and academic outcomes.


End Market



Release 1.0


December 28, 2016


Education Industry, Start-up