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About This Project

inveitco started working on this project in 2014 and developed a solution called centraMOS that supports the online health management capability. Our objective is to make a connection between patients and health service providers and ensure patients receive better services through automation. inveitco health network will bring patients and health service providers in one centralised location where information can be accessed as required.

What is centraMOS?

A centralised health management system which is designed to manage patient flow from registration to treatment. This system will enhance the patients care and bring clarity during the treatment process. This solution offers full electronic management of patient registration, medical records, patient progress, appointment scheduling, health centres and high-end customisation to meet your requirements.


Key Features

This is a module based application which has the flexibility to add new features without impacting existing functionalities. Some of the key features are highlighted below:

  • Patient registrations
  • Patient record management
  • Real time doctors’ availability check
  • Online appointment management
  • Health centre management
  • Invoicing and payment management
  • Sending notification to patients and health centre staffs
  • Uploading medical images / documentations
  • Reporting


End Market



Release 1.0


August 19, 2017


Health Industry, Start-up