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We are highly focused on the development of our employees’ career. Therefore we follow a model where every inveitco employee is assigned to a Career Development Manager (CDM) who guides towards right direction and helps with your career progression.

inveitco offers a flexible working environment where you are allowed to share your thoughts and ideas among your peers and with management team. We believe in taking collaborative approach where your voice will get same importance as rest of the employees.


During the recruitment process we look for our core values within our employees. Therefore you will find our employees have similar values as yours. If you like sharing ideas and good at working in a collaborative environment, then inveitco will be the right company where you will like to start your career.


To apply please send your resume to Our recruitment process is stated below:

Phase 1: Interview & Competency

The initial competency interview takes place either face to face or over the telephone and focuses on particular areas of interest on your CV. At this phase, we will invite you to discuss real‐life examples of your experience. Our aim is to understand your reasons for applying to join inveitco and for selecting the business area you have.

Phase 2: Assessment

In this phase we aim to discover your general business expertise and potential consulting skills. We do not ask you to prepare or bring any materials in advance – all materials are provided on the day with preparation slots scheduled. We recommend that you are clear about your reasons for applying to join inveitco and for selecting the business area you have. This stage includes:

  • Interview with a member of the business area for which you have applied
  • Case study preparation and role‐playing exercise
  • Group exercise

Phase 3: Final Selection

The final phase of recruitment process involves an interview with a member of inveitco’s Management team, usually someone from the business area to which you have applied.